Photo Diary Vol. 004

Starting my business has been challenging and insightful and the best decision I ever made. I'm my own boss, really making my way, making my mama proud. One problem, I'm broke. Hustling, and working, but still broke. In the back of my mind I keep reminding myself that all these little moves will help everything... Continue Reading →


Photo Diary Vol. 003

I have spent the past month working on re-branding and restarting my business. I feel like I've done this so many times before, but that I'm finally doing it right this time. Its been a tough few weeks, some days are really hard to get though. Trying to start my own business on my own... Continue Reading →

This is a very personal post.

 Dedicated to my therapist, Ed.   What a crazy ride I've been on the past few months. I can honestly say I am in a much better space now. I've been battling with severe depression and anxiety for most of my life. There are periods where I'm at my complete worst. Id say about every... Continue Reading →

Photo Diary Vol. 002

It has been so so long since I have updated. Work and balancing my social and creative life takes up so much of my time. But I am getting better, and creating so much. I have a lot of new work. A lot of new ideas and really tying to stay focused. My childlike mind... Continue Reading →

Sundays are for Writing Vol. 003

Happy Sunday! This week, in honor of Mother's day, I decided to post a mini project that my mom really liked. My mother is one of my biggest supporters. She dreamed of her little girl being a nurse, like her. Instead she got this anxiety ridden artist. I couldn't ask for a better mother. Ill dedicate this... Continue Reading →

Sketchbook Saturday Vol. 001

Every week, I'll try and post some work from my sketchbook. This is just practice and dedication to bettering myself as as an abstract painter. Like my other weekly updates, they are open for feedback. Part of the reason I made this blog is to connect with other artist and show progress with my work.... Continue Reading →

Sunday are for Writing Vol. 002

Hello, happy Sunday! I'm here again with some more writing. This week, Ill post some blackout poetry. You can read more on what it is here. This is an exercise I like to do before I start writing or editing. These are a few pages ( sorry for the bad scan job). Pages taken from... Continue Reading →

Photo Diary Vol. 001

Every other week Ill post some random snaps I took over the week. I'll be starting mini photo themes to keep myself active and my eye sharp. But this week, Its all just documentary style snaps of my life lately. -M

Mariah Alicia – Abstract Artist

When I started college in 2008, I took a design and drawing class. I majored in Photography and felt it was pointless to take those classes. After about 2 weeks, I realized I loved to paint and that taking them did help me as a photographer. It also never crossed my mind that I could... Continue Reading →

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