Buffalo NY- Drinking town with a sports problem.

716. The Queen City. My home.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Buffalo NY 2017


Buffalo NY holds a special place in my heat. So I wanted my first post to be about my hometown. I was born and raised here. I started my artist journey here. Walked the Elmwood Village with friends, had many failed client meetings at Spot Coffee downtown on Chippewa, hired my friends as models when clients fell through. It was a tough start. Regardless of how slow my start was, I always had the hustling spirit of my east side upbringing to keep me pushing forward.

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I moved out of state twice (Ohio and Florida). Both moves I’ve learned more about myself as an artist and how to start up my business. Somehow I always manage to come back. Whenever I return home, I find new things to be inspired (or annoyed) by. The gentrification of Buffalo is kind of a downer but that’s a post of another time. And blog. Nonetheless, I use my time back here to really mold all the things I’ve learned while traveling and living in other areas to better myself and grow my business.

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Buffalo is cold, when it snows, it snows, and the people know how to drink all weekend and bounce back to work on Monday like it’s nothing. The Buffalo Bills never win more then 8 games a season and downtown smells like Cheerios. Its my home forever. I cant wait to see where I go from here. Maybe Ill open up a gallery, or marry a gallery owner, or continue to walk the Elmwood Village with friends and complain about all the apartment buildings that tower over the area. Either way, it will always feel like home.



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