Mariah Alicia – Abstract Artist

When I started college in 2008, I took a design and drawing class. I majored in Photography and felt it was pointless to take those classes. After about 2 weeks, I realized I loved to paint and that taking them did help me as a photographer. It also never crossed my mind that I could do more then just photography. Although I dropped out, I still kept those design books and kept drawing and painting.


I was never really good at figure drawing, but I loved line work and abstract. Once I got comfortable with my art style, I move on to digital art. I get into creative slumps, more then I’d like to admit. One way I get myself out of them its to distort my original painting/drawings on an Pixlr. Its fun and a cool way to see my work in a different way.

I also enjoy digital abstract art using my photographs as well. But I’ll make a separate post for that later. I love and admire all my friends and other artist who are skilled in more real life drawing studies. Its a gift I wish I had and tired to get into. Abstract art is more my lane, its more fitting to my style and personality. Organized madness, which I use to describe abstract art to my mother. It is also what I’d call my memoir.



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