Florida Water

Back again with another shoot. I recently divorced Facebook and have been taking more time to work on personal projects and less on running my business. That’s still number one, but its easy to get lost in the business sauce and ignore creating personal content.     Last week, I linked up with my girl … More Florida Water

Forest Princess

I finally got the chance to shoot with my good friend Gigi. Shes a trans woman, an English teacher, and runs a youth LGBTQIA group at the school she teaches at. We’ve waited years for this shoot and I’m so happy with how the photos turned out. I still feel very ~w e i r … More Forest Princess


This past Saturday, I threw my first event with my friend May¬†at the RAQS Solidarity Community Center in part with the Discover Amherst Fest. It was something I’ve wanted to do for years, put artist and musicians together to network and have a place to showcase their craft. It was a huge learning experience for … More 716

The Morning

About a week ago I did another shoot with my good friend Ron. I’m getting more comfortable shooting nude concept photography. I’ve done odd photo jobs with BDSM groups but nothing on the creative side. Ron is very experienced in doing these types of shoots so hes very patient with the creative process. I had … More The Morning

Garden Queen

I got a chance to hang and shoot my friend Lavern. We walked around the Japanese Flower Garden in Buffalo NY. We also slayed these shots.   Lavern is PR/Advertising rep. All about the advancement of black creatives and helping them utilize their talents to not only make a way to better themselves, but our … More Garden Queen

Photo Diary Vol. 5

I honestly dont have anything interesting to talk about this time. I just really wanted to post some work. I want to do more of these types of posts to keep me on my toes, keep me working.   I updated my website. You can now book directly through Facebook. My favorite video.   -M


Last Saturday I shot my first conceptual shoot in almost 5 years. When I started getting more into photography, I was doing more concepts driven shoots. Just me, my friend Brittany, whatever outfit I made, and my camera. The majority of my conceptual works comes from that time. As I grew more into the business … More SleepSound