I shot the wonderful, beautiful woman of Femme Noire, a burlesque group based here in Buffalo NY. I shot head madam Sista Don about a week ago, you can view that here. I’m just gonna leave the magic here for y’all to enjoy.   The power of female energy is very strong. It was a … More FEMME NOIRE

Forest Princess

I finally got the chance to shoot with my good friend Gigi. Shes a trans woman, an English teacher, and runs a youth LGBTQIA group at the school she teaches at. We’ve waited years for this shoot and I’m so happy with how the photos turned out. I still feel very ~w e i r … More Forest Princess


This past Saturday, I threw my first event with my friend May¬†at the RAQS Solidarity Community Center in part with the Discover Amherst Fest. It was something I’ve wanted to do for years, put artist and musicians together to network and have a place to showcase their craft. It was a huge learning experience for … More 716

Garden Queen

I got a chance to hang and shoot my friend Lavern. We walked around the Japanese Flower Garden in Buffalo NY. We also slayed these shots.   Lavern is PR/Advertising rep. All about the advancement of black creatives and helping them utilize their talents to not only make a way to better themselves, but our … More Garden Queen


Last Saturday I shot my first conceptual shoot in almost 5 years. When I started getting more into photography, I was doing more concepts driven shoots. Just me, my friend Brittany, whatever outfit I made, and my camera. The majority of my conceptual works comes from that time. As I grew more into the business … More SleepSound