Sketchbook Saturday Vol. 001

Every week, I’ll try and post some work from my sketchbook. This is just practice and dedication to bettering myself as as an abstract painter. Like my other weekly updates, they are open for feedback. Part of the reason I made this blog is to connect with other artist and show progress with my work.


This week has been filled with lots of drama and tooth ache. I haven’t really worked much on my ‘studies’. ¬†Last week I broke out the oil pastels and worked on blending and just trying to get comfortable using them. Youtube is my friend when it comes to learning basic techniques with oil pastels. Its not my medium of choice, but I love the vibrant colors they produce. I plan on working more with them this week.

I also worked on some line drawings. I’m working on being more free with my idea process and more open to using color. I found my old design book and been working on layering and textures, which Ill post next week.



Mariah Alicia – Abstract Artist

When I started college in 2008, I took a design and drawing class. I majored in Photography and felt it was pointless to take those classes. After about 2 weeks, I realized I loved to paint and that taking them did help me as a photographer. It also never crossed my mind that I could do more then just photography. Although I dropped out, I still kept those design books and kept drawing and painting.

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I was never really good at figure drawing, but I loved line work and abstract.¬†Once I got comfortable with my art style, I move on to digital art. I get into creative slumps, more then I’d like to admit. One way I get myself out of them its to distort my original painting/drawings on an Pixlr. Its fun and a cool way to see my work in a different way.

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I also enjoy digital abstract art using my photographs as well. But I’ll make a separate post for that later. I love and admire all my friends and other artist who are skilled in more real life drawing studies. Its a gift I wish I had and tired to get into. Abstract art is more my lane, its more fitting to my style and personality. Organized madness, which I use to describe abstract art to my mother. It is also what I’d call my memoir.